Well this week was really something else.. You know when you’re married, sometimes you just have to sacrifice for your spouse, you know?..

I mean, when Hubby got laid off, I knew that I had to do SOMETHING. He was feeling terrible about it, and I know how important a good job is to a man’s self esteem. I’d met his boss, Mr Jones, at several office parties and knew that he had the hots for me. I mean, the guy couldn’t even look me in the eyes, he was always so engrossed with my big boobs.. I’d really noticed a huge bulge in his pants also, and I’d be lying if I said I’d never masturbated while fantasizing about fucking his brains out.

I had a funny feeling that if I went in there in a skimpy top with no bra, and made sure that I stood by the air conditioner to get my nipples hard before I walked into his office, that Mr Jones would be like putty in my hands  🙂   Well, I didn’t intend to actually fuck the guy, I was just going to let him feel me up or suck on my tits. He was SO forceful though,  I knew that I was going to have to “do the deed” with him in order to save Hubby’s job.. I mean, what’s a woman to do?..

Well, good thing it all went OK. Mr Jones got to shoot his load all over me, and I got a great fucking by him on the couch. One of Hubby’s good friends just got laid off at the same office last week also, I think I’m going to go back and save his job tomorrow..;)

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