Hi Guys! Have you ever had a visit from your friendly Insurance Slut? It’s amazing how a little special attention to a man’s “nether regions” can affect the ease in providing him needed sevices, lol. In other words- if I suck your dick I can sell you anything.. 😉

I guess that’s good for me because I like sucking a dick! Actually sucking a cock. I like the word cock better than dick. Sounds bigger!

No beating around the bush this update, we’d been locked away all week with family in SF and were so ready to FUCK! Hubby’s cock nearly burst into flames and burned down. Luckily for him my mouth and pussy were ready to cool him off..

I came HARD this week, while he was fucking me. It was without  a doubt one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in a long time. And I cum a lot! I was really horny to suck out his sperm this week too. I really get into attacking his load when I’m all worked up. It’s like I need to just devour a part of him..


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