I wanted to post a little treat for Halloween and well, it kinda morphed into something different than my original plan.

This little update originally was just going to be a little 2 minute video of me oiling up my boobs and massaging them and pinching my nipples to get them all stiff. Something for you big boob guys to jerk off to (I’m hoping anyway, lol)

Anyway, after we took the pictures outside and I started playing with my big tits and getting my nipples hard I started to get hornier and hornier! (yes, this sounds like a bad porno, but it’s the honest truth!) So, I asked Hub if we could do a video of me masturbating outside by the pool on a lounge chair because I really wanted to cum. Needless to say his “fuck yeah!” response wasn’t surprising to me.

So, there it is. Oh, and that weird dark mark between my boobs was from trying one of those “spray on tan” booths and I guess I put my bra on before it was all dry. Sorry about that!  😉

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