Boy, this week was just another case of being in the right place at the right time! Boy, what are the chances that I’d be playing pool at a place where there was no else around except a cute guy that wanted to fuck me, LOL..

And it was a real shame that I kept missing those shots! That guy was really lucky also, getting to look and suck on my big boobies..

Normally I’m much better, but I was getting distracted because the guy kept pulling his cock out of his pants everytime I’d get ready to shoot. I mean, it IS distracting..

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that he was trying to cheat so that he could look at my boobs and lick my pussy. But a guy wouldn’t really do that would he?.. (yeah right)

Well I guess I shouldn’t bitch, I did get a GREAT slow fucking on the bar chair, and also a nice banging bent over one. He was another guy that loved having his balls stroked while he fucked me. He told me beforehand off camera that he was going to really unload on me, and he didn’t disappoint. He really blasted a nice load clear up to the pooltable! They’re gonna love cleaning that up, LOL.. I got to have a great climax up on the table myself (and while our little roleplaying scenes might be fictitious, trust me that my orgasms aren’t).

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